Is blood really thicker than water…

Have you ever noticed that you have quite a number of friends, acquaintances, colleagues and people caring for you when all goes well…until life happens!?! Have you ever wondered, while you are trying to keep the pieces from falling apart, what happened to your so-called friends on Facebook, the numerous messages you once received a couple of times a day and your invitations? Keep on wondering, because that is exactly the type of people that is in this world, and in your life.

The word “people” are defined as: “human beings in general”, also known as “members of a particular nation, community, or ethnic group” (just for in case you were wondering). Some of these human beings are incredible friends , family members and colleagues with a nurturing, caring and loving side to them (or is this just the side they show you, is this yet another mask they wear?); you would never think that they would abandon you when you need them the most. Well, guess again…what I have realized is that some people are not as loyal as you might have thought and that is when you get to know who your true friends are. This is a bitter pill to swallow, yet a necessary one.

I had an unfortunate accident late March 2017 and broke my fibula (ankle) falling from stairs. After only a few days I started seeing who my true friends were and oh my were I in for a surprise. This incident was a huge root awakening for me of people I once called friends, yet they put you on the sideline until you are apparently “back on your feet” (the lamest excuse I have ever heard, but it soothed their conscience to think they are allowing you to rest and recover). It was like they said: “not our problem” and looked the other way.

I received support (whether an actual visit, a telephone call or gifts) from people I never expected to and that is what made me realize if we really, truly know the people who we deal with on a daily basis…are the so called “real” friends (the ones you spend endless time with at braais/ at dinners/ at coffee dates, the ones you support at athletic matches, the ones you cheer for when they celebrate life) wearing masks or is this just really the type of people they actually are!?! I guess that is a question that will remain unanswered.

You might wonder why people are like this, and in my opinion it comes down to primal instincts and behaviour. People, in general, do not like being confronted with the “unknown”, they find it a hassle to deal with, they find it difficult to relate to and another aspect of it is that humans are very selfish beings. If a situation or circumstance does not add benefit to their existence, why would they care, why would they want to take the time from their “busy” schedules if it will not benefit them in any way. Yet another question that will remain unanswered.

Throughout this journey (and I am calling this a journey as I want to belief that something positive will come from this experience) what I have realized, is to treasure the “real” people close to you, the ones that are true to your face and behind your back, the ones willing to go the extra mile for you with or without your limbs intact, the ones that make time to check up on you (even with a 1-minute, uncomplicated message), the ones appreciating and nurturing your friendship. Those are the types of human beings I want around.

Lesson learnt: “Only those who care about you can hear you when you’re quiet.”

C* xoxo


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