Day 1 of 365: Wings for Life, World Run

So…I thought long and hard about this one and challenging myself has been quite a challenge for me in the past, something I never or very rarely do. Just thinking about this commitment makes me a little scared and anxious (eeek!!!). Some of you might know that I fractured my fibula late March 2017 and it was and still continues to be a life changing experience for me. I have always been someone who plans my life to the T, but had to cancel many plans when this accident happened. I decided to be more of a “in-the-moment kind of person” and after I heal I think that will be another challenge to maintain. Nevertheless, I decided that I want to participate in the Wings for Life, World Run.

Many of you might be familiar with this race, but just to briefly explain to those unfamiliar with it. Wings for Life is a global, charity event, here’s how it works: On one day each year (normally in the month of May), the Wings for Life World Run takes place at event locations across the planet. Everybody starts at exactly the same time UTC (Coordinated Universal Time). Whether it’s day or night, bright sun or pouring rain at your location – you’re running together with the world and sharing this amazing experience. Your name shows up on a Global Result List, too! Have a look at the link for more information:

Not only is it a global event, it is also for a good cause. Every cent raised goes to spinal cord research and clinical trials.

This is an exciting, new journey – not only will I be able to add value to much needed scientific research and clinical trials but will also be challenging myself in a completely new and different way (and that after a broken fibula). Hope you will think about joining too.

So, here is to day 1 of 365 days of getting ready for the 2018 race! I will keep you updated as I progress…#holdthumbs #wingsoflife #day1of365 #fracturedfibula

“Understand that it is ok to be scared or uncertain, however right beyond those barriers ultimately lies your dreams.” – Josh Hinds

C* xoxo


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