The idea of starting a blog…

This is my very first post as a “blogger”, I don’t think I have earned the right to call myself that yet but let’s say I am one in the making…

I have always been fascinated by people having blogs, able to write endless stories about stuff! It seem to come so easy for them, yet I struggle to put together a few words that makes sense. It has been an imaginary, idealistic dream of mine for quite some time now to be able to do that but somehow I always ended up not doing it. Somehow you always end up with so many excuses for not doing something that you eventually end up doing nothing. So I finally decided to take on this challenge and adventure and blog and see how it goes.

The idea of this blog is to share intriguing stories, ideas, challenging your thought process and share memories (whether bad of good). I have never been a natural story teller but am rather more of a thinker and this is why I think this is a good platform to share some of my own life experiences but also add value to your life.

I hope this journey will be a value added and rewarding one for both of us and that you will not only have little bit of insight into my life and my experiences but will also be inspired to do something you thought you were never capable of! We are all, regardless of age, only students of life! #blognewbie #studentoflife

“You are the master of your own destiny”- Napoleon Hill